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Labnote seamlessly links your research aspirations to the digital space
that brings them to life — bridging teams and functions for a united jounrey
towards scientific success.
Organize Your Protocols,
Be ready for Research
From meticulously managed material inventory, seamless material integration, and precise material tracking to visualized and structured protocols, Labnote empowers you to leverage a fully equipped and organized research journey.
Streamline efficiency and enhance collaboration
Say goodbye to repetitious efforts and boost visibility across teams. Your work becomes readily accessible and discoverable, sharable with both internal and external stakeholders. Effortlessly convert your research into a report format by simply e-signing your paper.
Visualize and
analyze your data
As data accumulates, Labnote not only helps you understand it all with insightful graphs, protocol comparisons, and visualized flows but also offers a glimpse into the future. Through the power of machine learning, Labnote helps predict experimental outcomes with automation.
Ready for Every
R&D Use Case
Biology R&D
Biology R&D plays a crucial role in various industries, ranging from agriculture and consumer foods to the discovery of new drugs and cures. With Labnote, you can visualize experiment process with intuitive protocols and multi-functional well plate.
Chemistry & Materials R&D
Chemistry & Materials R&D encompasses the exploration and development of innovative chemical processes and materials for applications across diverse industries like fuels, batteries, and more. With Labnote, you can leverage research data with advanced chemical search and trend analysis.
Data-Driven R&D Innovation
With aggregated R&D data, you can unlock the potential to novel trends and insights, paving the way for uncharted scientific innovations. By using Labnote, you can analyze aggregated research notes and discover insights with the entire team.
Power of Experiment Records
Research notes and data serve as the empirical foundation driving the advancement of your R&D and formulation of evidence-based findings across various disciplines. With Labnote, you can write research data easily with data auto-completion and process recommendation.
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