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All-Purpose AI Research Assistant
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We go beyond predefined questions or simple keyword inputs to analyze and understand any type of inquiry,
providing clear and concise answers to meet your needs.
Accurate Source Attribution
Labnote Scholar ensures high credibility.
Every response includes precise sources specialized in the field of research and development.
Leverage Vast Amounts of Metadata
Labnote Scholar utilize extensive metadata during data searches to conduct fast and accurate searches. In responses, we also include this metadata to provide users with helpful information.
AI R&D Manager Enhance Efficiency
Quantitative R&D Metrics Management
We extract quantitative metrics for the R&D process through accumulated research data,
supporting efficient management and operations.
Trend Analysis in Research
Regularly publish and provide research trend comparison and analysis reports by utilizing external data such as papers and patents, along with internal research data within the company.
Recommendations for Data,
AI-Driven Experimentation and Research Methods
Labnote leverage accumulated experimental and research data, along with literature and patent information, to train optimized algorithms.
Through this, we recommend experimental methods that enable businesses to achieve their desired research objectives.
AI Research Catalyst
Saves Time & Cost
Use Labnote Scholar to get faster results of high-quality studies
Shortened project duration
1.6 2.3
Increased number of project per researcher
Reduced number of iterations for the same experiment (=trials and errors)