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Why Labnote?

Organize Your Protocols,
Be ready for Research


Organize your protocols

Organize and stack your complex research process in one place to visualize it effectively for everyone.


Collaborate with teams

Collaborate with anyone in the lab or institution. Plus, easily share with external organizations using a verification code.


Smart search materials

Access the vast amount of research materials through Labnote Smart search. Swiftly record them with auto-completion.


Build your templates

Build your own templates for frequently used protocols & experiment procedures to easily reuse them at any time.


Complete data safety

With AWS-HIPAA compliance and cloud
security certification, Labnote keeps your data safer than ever.


Leverage +1 Million materials

Access materials and entity data
from the top global manufacturers.
Leverage them to scale your research.


Organize Your Protocols,
Be ready for Research

Discover and be inspired by the value of Labnote through pre-made templates
only for Bio, Nano, and Chem industries.

Frame 48098494.png
Frame 48098745.png


Unlock the Full Potential
of Your Research Data

LabNote has built an extensive database of over 1 Million materials
from major companies like Sigma-Aldrich and Alfa Aesar.

Frame 48098747.png
Frame 48098748.png
Frame 48098553.png
Frame 48098746.png
Frame 48098749.png


Research Collaboration
Made More Efficient than ever

With the notification and comments, you can communicate,
check each other's feedback, and apply them to your research in real-time.

Frame 48098750.png


Your Digital Transformation Partner,


Join the Global Researchers
in Bio, Nano, and Chem Industries!

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