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Perfect Optimization for Your Research

Want to Advance Your
Research Process?

Unlock the full potential of smart research notes optimized for Bio, Nano, and Chem research right away. Be smarter and more efficient with Labnote!

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Optimized Research History

Smart Search and Auto-Complete from the vast materials DB

Labnote has built an extensive database of over 1 Million materials from major companies like Sigma-Aldrich and Alfa Aesar.
With this database, your research will never miss on any information about materials or substances.

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Freely customizable research and template functions.

The customization allows you to register new substances, processes, or equipment. And if there are any frequently used experiments, create templates for easy access whenever needed.

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Easily add and utilize customized materials

Labnote supports the management and customization of materials used in your labs. Utilize and leverage customized materials just for your research environment.

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Efficient Sharing and Collaboration

Easily setup sharing access

Labnote provides thorough access management for researchers and research notes. You can see who has access to what notes, with whom they will be shared, and what permissions to set.

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Coming Soon

Real-time collaboration through notifications and comments

Labnote opens up efficient research collaboration. With the notification and comments, you can communicate, check each other's feedback, and apply them to your research in real-time.

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Coming Soon

Inspector mode supported through verification code

Even external users may review the project if invited. When research notes need to be shared with external users in cases like government projects or consulting services, you can issue a verification code to provide inspector mode for the project without signing in.

Data Management Made Easier than Ever

Export Research in
PDF or Image

Labnote supports exporting any of your research notes in PDF and Image formats. You can leverage exported files into government project verifications and more.

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Complete data
& privacy protection

Labnote’s AWS Cloud-based server provides complete data & privacy protection for your research. It is built on government requirements such as HIPAA and provides restrictions on specific IPs and concurrent access.

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Search data by various categories

Labnote supports various types of data searches.
Find the data you want quickly and accurately by using search queries in different categories, from materials, processes, and equipment to even the results of your research. You can easily find out which experiments a specific sample or process was used for.

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