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Tidy up your methods for easy-to-recognize, research-ready protocols.
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the vast materials DB
Labnote has built an extensive database of over 1 Million materials from major companies like Sigma-Aldrich andAlfa Aesar. With this database, your research will never miss on any information about materials or substances.
Easily add and utilize customized materials
Labnote supports the management and customization of materials used in your labs. Utilize and leverage customized materials just for your research environment.
Your Protocols,
Be ready for Research
From meticulously managed material inventory, seamless material integration, and precise material tracking to visualized and structured protocols, Labnote empowers you to leverage a fully equipped and organized research journey.
Fully customizable research and templates
The customization allows you to register new substances, processes, or equipment. And if there are any frequently used experiments, create templates for easy access whenever needed.