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Want to Advance Your
Research Process?

Unlock the full potential of automated research process optimized for Non-clinical research right away. Be smarter and more efficient with Labnote!

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Automated Documentation Process

Efficiently Write Research Protocols and Reports

Through the "Automated Variable" function, Labnote empowers researchers to effortlessly manage various documents required for research, such as experiment data, documentations, and protocols.

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Much Safer and More Convenient QA process

Our QA functions are specifically optimized for Non-clinical research, such as compliance with experimental protocols, checklists, records of sample receipt and staff training, and reports on defects and preventive actions.

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Export Every Document in PDF

Easily export documents that have been reviewed and QA-ed. Also, manage E-signatures of these documents all at once.

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Every Data Point All at Glance

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Dashboard to track projects overview

Handle experiments, QA processes, data points, and more in real time.
LabNote offers a comprehensive overview of your experiment and study progress in one convenient dashboard.
Additionally, you can click on each status in the progress bar to access detailed pages.

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Search data by various categories

Labnote supports various types of data searches. Effortlessly find the data you need by using search queries in various categories, including research results. LabNote makes it easy to identify which experiments used specific samples or protocols.

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Visualize various data points

Grasp the research status at a glance by calculating and visualizing various data points such as group p-value, date, tumor size, and more.

Secure, Independent, Accessible Solution

Individual Inventory for every Labspace

Manage independent DB with each inventory.

Also, leverage additional pre-existing DB to easily search and manage a large amount of information.

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Complete data
& privacy protection

Labnote’s AWS Cloud-based server provides complete data & privacy protection for your research. It is built on government requirements such as HIPAA and provides restrictions on specific IPs and concurrent access.

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